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Among the biggest complaints that students look for writing help is that they do not know where to get started. Researching and writing an outline are critical steps, but they cannot be done without any guidance.


For students who aren’t quite sure how they want to frame their thesis, using questions can be beneficial to the research and outlining process instead. Questions will guide them as to what they need to look for!

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10 Best Topics For Cause And Effect Essay

Among the basic essay structures and types that students are taught is the cause and effect essay. This type of writing assignment is given to an essay writer to help them learn how to form cohesive connections between the subjects of their paper. This article will provide some of the best topics that you can use for this type of assignment.

Topics for Cause and Effect Papers

The following topics have been recommended by teachers and some of the best essay writing services. They are unique enough to make your paper stand out, but not so unique that they will be difficult to write about.

  1. Parents That Stay Together: The Effects of a Broken Marriage on Young Children
  2. A Desire for Perfection: The Causes of Eating Disorders Among Young Teens
  3. Technology in Schools: How Access (or Lack of Access) to Technology Effects How a School Teaches its Students
  4. How Failing to Keep a Personal Budget Effects Your Life
  5. How Poverty Effects the Life and Decision-Making of a Struggling Individual
  6. The Effects of Online Classes on the Traditional Schooling System
  7. Causes of the Junk Food Epidemic and its Effect on the Healthcare System
  8. The Effects of Stress on a Student and Why High School and College May Be the Most Stressful Times of Their Lives
  9. Why Sleep is Critical to Success: The Effects of Not Getting Enough Sleep
  10. Causes of Obesity in Children in America

General Guidelines for Writing This Style of Paper

Cause and effect writing assignments can be difficult, but once you have written a few, you will find yourself being able to complete them easily.

One important thing to note is that whether you choose to work with an essay writing service or tackle the writing assignment yourself, you want your topic to stand out. Try to avoid topics that other classmates will be doing and try to avoid those that will be obvious, easy, and boring. Instead, choose something interesting that is going to help you stay on track as you write your paper.

Also, keep in mind that some teachers will have you choose either a cause or an effect to write about, while others will emphasize choosing a topic that will allow you to address both. You should always refer to your teacher’s instructions as you write this or any other style of paper to ensure you earn a top grade. If you are ever unsure of the topic that you have chosen, ask your teacher to approve it before getting started. This will prevent you from doing extra work if it turns out the topic you have chosen is not acceptable.

Sometimes, the most help with writing essays that students need is choosing a topic. Any of the topics above would make a great cause and effect essay. Choose one to get approved by your teacher, or use them as a jumping point to come up with your own unique idea.