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The Most Successful Essay Writing Strategies

Why work hard when you can work smart?

The students who excel most in school are those who work their abilities to the fullest potential and tackle assignments with the smart approach.

Our posts will go over quality essay writing and the strategies that you can use to come up with a high-quality piece while putting in less work.

Basic Writing Rules

Use Hands-On Organization

Some people have trouble organizing their information, even in an outline format. If you prefer to think outside of the box, write down each fact on a note card. Use the note cards to physically organize your outline. This gives you the freedom to move things around without having to erase or cross out information. You also have the option of correlating the facts to their sources, which will make the essay writing easier if you have to create a reference or citation page.

Find the Perfectly Balanced Topic to Prevent Procrastination

It is not uncommon for students to think that the ‘easiest’ route is the best way to go for writing. However, taking the easy route is often boring and you may find yourself up frantically typing away the night before your assignment is due, simply because it was so boring that you did not want to complete it. Instead of worrying, choose a topic that you are familiar with but that you want to learn more about. If you have at least some interest in what you are writing, it will make your work significantly easier.

Start with an Anecdote

In many types of writing, an anecdote is an appropriate, personal, and fun way to start a piece of writing. It is also less technical than other starts, so it is easier to write and can help you get in the mindset of writing. If you cannot think of one, look at papers written by a best essay writing service to see if you can find some useful examples. Often, websites like these provide samples of what their writers are capable of and you can probably tweak an antidote to fit your topic. If not, consider an interesting fact that will grab the reader’s attention.

More Tips


Among the biggest complaints that students look for writing help is that they do not know where to get started. Researching and writing an outline are critical steps, but they cannot be done without any guidance.


For students who aren’t quite sure how they want to frame their thesis, using questions can be beneficial to the research and outlining process instead. Questions will guide them as to what they need to look for!

Free Help

Why struggle when you can read blog articles and find essay help for free? The tips above should guide you as you do your next writing assignments. Feel free to read and use them to compose a masterpiece.


Once you sink into this new writing process, you will find yourself working at a rapider rate than before, but still producing a high-quality paper. Contact AssignmentGeek if you need more recommendations from professionals.